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  • Parish Mass (SATB and organ)

    • to be published in new edition of St Michael Hymnal

  • The Christ Church Mass (SATB and organ)

  • Congregational Mass (SATB and organ)

  • Parish Mass (SATB and organ)

  • The Shepherd (Soprano and organ)

  • The Divine Image (SSA and organ)

  •  A Divine Meditation (SA and organ)

  •  Set of Anglican Chant Psalm Tones (SATB)

  •  Menuet in C Major (string quartet)

  •  Inventio in E minor (harpsichord/manualiter)

  •  Les carollineurs (piano and flute) 

  •  O Lord, our God, we call upon your name (SATB hymn with organ accompaniment and descant)

  • Sancta Trinitas (organ)

  • Homage to Arvo Pärt (piano and violin)

  • Preces and Responses (SATB)

  • Nunc dimittis (SATB)

  • A Daily Prayer (SATB)

  • Call to Prayer (SATB)

  • Ut queant laxis (piano and euphonium) 

  • Prelude (piano)

  • Ellipsis (string trio)

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